Ruby Smothers

Shirley’s Way is always there when you need them. Loved reading this post and blessed to say we know Mike and the love of this charity. Without them we would have lost our house, electricity and everything with it a long time ago. They were the first charity to come to our rescue when we …

Tamara Morris

Shirley’s Way has consistently been there to help (my sister) with bills while she fought and BEAT breast cancer. Not only did you help her, you took a huge burden off our mother and you ignited a desire in me to help to obliterate cancer from this planet. Thank you, thank God for you!!

Steve Chiles

I had already been evicted and had all of my possessions in a storage unit. Had it not been for Shirley’s Way, I would have lost everything and I did not because of People Helping People.

Judith Gillespie

Shirley’s Way helped me with my rent and LG&E before it went south! 2014! Now in 2018 I have all my hair back and so far, cancer free! Thank you…thank you is not enough and won’t ever be. You are in my heart.

Jeremy Marenger

These bills are nothing compared to a bill Mike and Shirley’s Way helped me out with a few months ago. Shirley’s Way was beyond a life saver. Now that I’m currently in remission and healthy enough and back to work I want to start repaying and helping others out.

Jennifer Rowe

Today something wonderful happened. All because of Shirley’s Way! A patient I’ve been very worried about was able to get the oxygen that he couldn’t afford and desperately needs! Ridiculous that any human wouldn’t be able to get oxygen if they need it but that is our reality. I’ve witnessed first hand the good things …

Allan Loney

They helped me when my wife was going through breast cancer. I would have lost everything. Due to having to help my wife, I lost my job and Shirley’s Way stepped in and helped. They not only saved my house but MOST importantly, they gave me time with my wife. She passed August 16, 2017 …